Goodmaji has integrated all country-specific bill of lading numbers for your convenience. Please check if you have entered the correct bill of lading number, or contact Goodmaji by clicking on the chat room.

However, if you have the recipient's information, you can also use the online "filter" function or open a chat room to ask for assistance.

Please check the latest status of your shipment on Goodmaji's bill of lading system, or contact Goodmaji's live chat room and we will have someone available to assist you.

You can bring your package to the Goodmaji service center in person or call to schedule a pickup and a Goodmaji representative will be sent to your designated location to pick up your package.

To ensure the quality of delivery, correct weight and volume are required. If the information is not accurate, it may delay the delivery time and may incur additional costs, so it is necessary to provide the correct weight and volume.


No. Goodmaji cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes. A full street address is required.

Goodmaji is unable to ship the following items: plants and animals, gold, jewelry, currency, valuable securities, dangerous goods or flammable materials, etc. In addition, some countries may have special restrictions on certain items.

  • Please use sturdy and shockproof cartons, and add cushioning material inside the carton for fragile items. Please do not use rope, wrapping paper, plastic bags and other materials to avoid scattering the contents due to package breakage.

Personal correspondence and marketable securities are not part of our service.

General business correspondence or information typed on paper, such as correspondence, contracts, manuals, quotations, shipping bills of lading, etc. are considered documents, while blank paper copies, stickers, cartons, books, etc. are considered packages.

Goodmaji's services include international import and export express, international sea freight, warehousing in Taiwan and Malaysia, collection in Southeast Asia, etc. Goodmaji is your partner of choice for cross-border e-commerce.

Yes, you must have a Goodmaji member account to access our full service. You can call us directly and we will arrange a salesperson to serve you.

Shipping Cost Calculation

The operating costs of the transportation industry are affected by changes in fuel prices, and the variable fuel surcharge increases or decreases with changes in fuel prices. You can check the current month's fuel surcharge by contacting your salesperson or by opening a Goodmaji member account.

Goodmaji shipping charges vary according to the weight and size of the goods, and are based on the heavier of the "weight of the goods after packing" or "volume of the goods after packing":
L x W x H (cm) / 5,000 = Volume weight (kg).


1 parcel, the actual weight of 0.2 kg after weighing, the measurement size of 40 cm long, 30 cm wide and 30 cm high, the conversion of its volume of material is:
40 x 30 x 30 / 5000 = Volume weight 7.2

Customs clearance issues

Cross border shipments are generally paid for by the consignee, but Goodmaji offers a variety of payment options depending on the pipeline.

The value of the customs declaration refers to the amount of the goods declared on the commercial invoice (Invoice), which may affect the amount of import duties and taxes to be paid by the recipient.

According to Article 22, Paragraph 1 of the Customs Law
The customs declaration and taxation procedures of the goods shall be entrusted to the customs broker; the declaration submitted to the Customs shall be examined and approved by the special customs broker.

Please fill in the name, quantity, unit price, total price, etc. in English. Do not just type "Model" or "SAMPLE" or other abbreviated words. For Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, please fill in Chinese.

提單 (Air WayBill)
Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Export declaration checklist
Power of Attorney
Other : Import license, commodity inspection certificate, catalog, instruction manual, water list, purchase certificate, and other documents required for customs inspection will be provided according to the needs of the incoming customs.

According to the Air Express Cargo Clearance Regulations, exports of goods with a total value of more than NT$50,000 per bill of lading must be cleared through customs in accordance with the general import and export declarations, which are "official declarations", while exports of domestic goods under NT$50,000 can be cleared through customs with a simplified declaration. In other words, "simple customs declaration".

After the bill of lading is completed, you can upload and mail the bill of lading, export declaration checklist, commercial invoice (INVOICE), packing list, case appointment letter and other customs declaration documents to Goodmaji system and the mailbox of your staff, and attach the above original documents to the shipment. Then the operation will be completed.

Customs declaration is the legal act of declaring the contents of goods and paying import duty to the Customs at the time of import. According to the declaration of the declarant, the Customs will check the contents of the goods and the related bill of lading, packing list, invoice and import permit according to the law.

Customs declaration, also known asdeclaration,refers to the import and export of goods, importers and exporters or their agents to the customs declaration, requesting the processing of goods import and export procedures. Customs declaration must be qualified and registered by the Customs "customs declaration unit" to handle. Non-customs declaration unit of the import and export of goods shall be entrusted to the customs declaration unit for customs clearance procedures. In the customs declaration, to fill out the declaration form, and the customs inspection of the documents required.

Transportation Related

Since packages are subject to security checks, which include X-ray, explosive detection and other inspection measures. Therefore, it is possible for any shipment to be opened by customs, border police, etc. during our shipping process. These requirements are beyond Goodmaji's control.


Goodmaji's shipment tracking system can track your shipment or contact our customer service staff by clicking on the bottom right corner.

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