Make cross border logisticsEasier


Global, Speedy

Commodities, Cost Savings

Local Direct Distribution

Data Connect With One Click

Pick up at store, Choose any time

Multiple payments, Cross border accounts

Service Advantage
Collect Funds
✅ Multiple delivery, over multiple payment methods
✅ Simple account checking, line-by-pencil reconciliation
✅ Single refers to completion, shipment and payment will be done once
Warehouse management
✅ System data, manage inventory at home and abroad
✅ Data calculation, efficiently improve turnover rate
✅ Multi-country operation, diversified operation in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
Bulk Shipping
✅ Export customs declaration, 5% VAT refund reward
✅ Weekly flights, easy deployment of shipments
✅ Sea and air collocation, the sales model is more flexible
System Integration
✅ Pick up at home, online appointment is convenient
✅ Cargo status inquiries, keep track of without missing
✅ Cross-border store pickup, pick up time is up to you
International Express
✅ Optimal delivery, intelligent dispatch and speed matching
✅ Guarantee delivery, honorable mission must be reached
✅ Customs tax saving, more advanced delivery experience
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Three major logistics keys to cross-border success

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